ODOUR - Zydox is a potent, cost effective and rapid acting odour removal system for the control of organic odours including smoke odour, pet odours, vomit, mould and similar malodours affecting homes, business, rental accommodation and marine vessels. It is particularly effective against landfill and abattoir/rendering odours.

Sodium Chlorite (NaClO2), the active ingredient in Zydox is a specialty technology for hydrogen sulphide and mercapton control in landfill, recycle streams, solids processing, sewage and leachate. Sodium chlorite has been used for over 15 years in hydrogen sulphide control applications. Sodium chlorite oxidises hydrogen sulphide and organic odours. No harmful by-products are formed from its reaction with sulphide. Sodium chlorite is very fast in reacting with hydrogen sulphide and organic odour compounds, making it a good choice for application in areas where retention times may be very short.

Sodium chlorite oxidizes hydrogen sulphide according to the following equation:

Neutral-Acid pH

2 H2S + NaClO2 → 2 S + HCl + NaOH + H2O

 The dose will vary from site to site depending on individual site conditions.

ODOUR MISTING LANDFILL - The bacteria fighting attributes of chlorine dioxide are known to inhibit the growth of mould and mildew and kill odour causing bacteria and fungi. However when used in its unactivated state it reacts chemically to scavenge H2S and Mercaptons with great efficiency. It also retains biocidal and strong biostatic effects. The starting point for a perimeter spray line is to dilute 2.5 litres of Zydox into a 200 litre drum of potable water to achieve a 500 ppm solution which is injected into the spray line at 100:1 ration (5 ppm). This product may be used alone or in combination with a compatible scented surfactant (such as Zydosan) for added effect.

ZYDOSAN PLUS effectively reduces the odour, Hydrogen Sulphide and Ammonia in these areas within seconds, slashing costs and eliminating potential EPA issues.

ZYDOSAN PLUS controls bacteria and eliminates ammonia and odour emmissions in these areas within a matter of minutes after spraying.

ZYDOSAN PLUS cleans all surface areas of pathogens within a few minutes including general contaminants such as bio-film, grease, grime and general soiling on stainless steel benches and tables, floors, walls and refrigeration units without damaging or fading painted surfaces or corrode metals.

ZYDOSAN PLUS eliminates odour in these areas within seconds. ZYDOSAN PLUS also improves flocculation in these holding systems, without interfering with its critical microbial process.

Attach the clam shell under the lid of the bin or on a protected surface of the garbage chute. Will treat for up to 1 month.

Hang or place the clam shell anywhere within the vehicle, preferably towards the ceiling/roof. Each sachet will treat a large size car, van or small boat for up to 1 month.

Hang the clam shell anywhere within the locker. Do not use near damp clothing as product may cause bleaching. Each sachet will treat for up to 1 month.