Zychem’s patented GITA machines are the most cost effective ClO2 Gas Generators in Australasia.

Only One Mould Remediation Treatment has been singled out by the American Academy of Sciences as being recommended as … “the standard for building decontamination”

That Technology is a process known as Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) Gas Infusion. It was used to disinfect the Hart Senate Office building by the USEPA during the Anthrax terrorist scare in the USA. It was used in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to decontaminate multi story hospitals in New Orleans.

The major GITA use in Australia is to disinfect high risk biosecurity laboratories and cabinets at hospitals and Tertiary research facilities.

GITA (Gas Infusion Technology Applicator) machines have also been widely used throughout Australia and New Zealand to disinfect large food production facilities, including Fruit and Vegetable Processing Plants, Dairy Plants and Poultry Processing Plants.

They are regularly used to disinfect Mushroom sheds, Poultry grow out sheds, Poultry hatcheries and Egg storage rooms.

Numerous microbiology trials have confirmed that Chlorine Dioxide gas generated by Zychem’s GITA machines are more cost effective in destroying a large range of bacteria and other pathogens than alternative gas and/or liquid disinfectants.

Clients consider that use of the GITAs affords them greater efficiency, reduced time and cost, reduced OH&S and safety concerns.

MINI GITA 240 volt

MACRO GITA 240 volt

MINI GITA 240 volt

Micro GITA