Exstinkt Pure H20 Tablets

Rapidly dissolves in water and releases Chlorine Dioxide… a powerful biocide for mould and biofilm.

ExStinkt Pure H2O Self Activating Chlorine Dioxide Tablets produce a potent, cost effective and rapid acting biocide and fungicide for the control of bacteria, mould and malodour. They may be used to reduce biofilm, bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites in a variety of applications.

They are often used as an alternative to Zydox 4% for smaller applications such as Water Tanks and Swimming Pools, and are widely used as an alternative to Zydox in smaller Poultry growing sites. They are also widely used in the seafood industry due to their convenience on fishing boats. Many clients use ExStinkt tablets as an alternative to Zydox in GITAs for smaller ClO2 gas generation volumes.

0.1 gram

1 gram

4 gram

20 gram

100 gram