Dosing Equipment


Unique Auto-fill Zydox Dispensing System

The concept of this system was derived from the original unique method used by Zychem Technologies for activation of poultry drinking water, consisting of a two part activation of Zydox using citric acid and chlorine.

Subsequently Zychem developed a highly successful single powder activator (Zydac) which has all the advantages of the two part acid/chlorine activation system in one powder product, delivering a high rate of activation in a safe, stable, economical product and which is still used in our manual systems.

Zychem was then requested by some of its clients to provide an automated dispensing system that removes or substantially reduces OH&S considerations and improves efficiency for client staff at a surprising economical cost.

The resulting system draws Zydox and 9% Hydrochloric Acid from separate stock solution tanks, in approximately equal volumes via separate dose pumps as per the below diagram. Separate dispensing pumps are used.

A batch tank for the new activated solution is refilled automatically on demand and controlled by level switches. The heart of the system is a purpose built controller to co-ordinate the feed requirements for both the acid and the Zydox solutions. Dilution water for the batch tank is controlled by a solenoid valve. A simple digital adjustment is used to raise or lower the injection dose rate to meet variable site requirements.


A convenient wall mount unit incorporating water meter (up to 32 mm) plus dose pump and injection point for quick and easy site installation.